International Business Degrees Could Help Grads Meet Global Demands

A university in Texas this year plans to add three new business degrees intended to help graduates fill anticipated job openings for the future. The institution’s new degree programs include marketing, with an emphasis on data and analysis, and information systems, where students can learn how businesses can use computers to improve their work. The Texas University is also adding a global business degree that is to include foreign language and cultural studies, as well as study abroad programs.

This institution isn’t alone. In Indiana, a university is introducing an international studies minor where students can learn about foreign cultures. The program is to focus on foreign languages, with a choice of Chinese, French or Spanish, as well as world and human geography, an Inside INdiana Business news item noted.

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Basic Plumbing Issues

No matter what kind of plumbing system that you have, there are some basic plumbing issues that house owners are usually facing and some of them are determined to repair the issues by themselves. As much as you think that you know about plumbing issues, it is better to call professional help such as Plumbing Kingwood to provide less messy plumbing repair. The very first and considered as the basic plumbing issue is the bursting pipe and this kind of plumbing issue is commonly suffered both in old and new plumbing system. Usually, the bursting pipe can be fixed by finding the main shut-off valve and turning it off.

You should be more careful as you have to turn on the cold water faucet as it helps to drain the pipes quickly. The aforementioned steps on dealing with bursting pipe are merely the preliminary repair process and you need professional plumber to handle the rest of the repairing job. Another basic plumbing issue besides the bursting pipe is the leaky plumbing and this is also most commonly found issue in every household. What causes the leaky plumbing is the sewer, the drain, or the waste pipe line which clogged with many unexpected stuffs such as debris, hair, food particles, and many other items.

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Offering Surveys To Your Customers

Although people have contacted their customers in numerous ways, one way that should never be overlooked is offering surveys. Surveys are unique, not only in the way that they work but also in the information that is offered. It gives you the opportunity to introduce your business to new individuals and to remind your existing customers that you have something to offer to them. Using a survey questionnaire, however, is not just about contacting people, it is about gathering information. There are plenty of online survey tools which allow you to do this effectively and then you can use the information to see what is on the mind of your customers. This will allow you to change any customer service efforts that need changing or perhaps even to develop new products which will help to push your business to new levels.

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